In the last 2 weeks we have received Doctors from different countries: Italy, Spain, Portugal and Russia, to Course the Best Residence of Zygomatics Implants with Surgeries, in Brasil. It’s a Unique Course in the World with a lot of Practice and of course, with the Bases of the Theory.

We travel on Saturday and Arrive to the Beautiful Hotel Gran Mareiro, in Front of the Beach «Playa del Futuro». And we pass a Saturday Night and all the Sunday relaxing and»making Group». Then on Monday we Start with the Theoretical Part and the Hands On. Where Doctors start to have a perfecto concept of the Zygoma surgery.

And from Tuesday to Friday Doctors, they do the surgeries themselves in the «Dental Hospital». A Modern Surgical Complex with all the Materials needed to make a Perfect Experience of Surgery. Doctors ends this course knowing very well how to perform Zygoma surgery, during the Last Editions we have placed more than 40 Zygomatics Implants. One entire week with tehoretical bases, hands on practice and many surgeries in Hospital 🏥

These are the words of one of the Professors: «And with The Russian Group! One more Zygoma Surgery Experience finalized. This time it was in 5 days, incredible 24 zygomatic implants, 30 conventional, 12 happy patients and many Russians coming home happy after learning and teaching (we always learn too). I thought it was a cold town, like all prejudice, I was wrong. Incredible people, happy and great surgeons. Despite the language barrier, thanks to the translators Volha Franco and Patterson, we had incredible days. May they return well to their homes and may the next come.

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